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What is a District?

A District is an area which serves multiple counties of Scouting volunteers, adult leaders and Scouts.  Two service areas serve the Inland Northwest Council.  Service Area "East" includes: David Thompson, Lewis & Clark Trails, Chief Kamiakin and Old Missions Districts.  Service Area "West" includes: Stevens, Thudnerbird, Chinook and Grizzly Districts assigned by the Scout Executive/CEO of the council.  Each service area has a Program Executive, Unit Service Executive, Membership Executive and Associate Development Executive.

How many Districts are there?

The Inland Northwest Council serves 8 Districts within Eastern Washington and the Northern Idaho Panhandle.

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Districts in the
Inland Northwest Council
Chief Kamiakin
David Thompson District
Old Missions



Contact Title Phone Email
Nicole DeSart Associate Development Executive, Area West (509)-242-8236

Marcia Hunt Membership Executive, Area West (509)-242-8240
Leland Johnsen District Director & Membership and Program Executive, Lewis Clark Trails & Chief Kamiakin 509-758-7575
Clif McIntosh Program & Membership Executive, Old Missions & Lewis Clark Trails (208) 772-2455
DeAnne Heflin Associate Development & Unit Service Executive, Old Missions & David Thompson (208)-772-2455
Andrew Bell Program Executive, Area West (509)-242-8249
Josh Paparazzo Unit Service & Associate Development Executive, Lewis Clak Trails & Chief Kamiakin (509)-758-7575
Tim Williams Unit Service Executive, Area West (509) 242-8244