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Make Scouting Better!

What is the Voice of the Scout?

  • Comprehensive Scout, Parent, Volunteer and Charter Org feedback program.
  • System to continuously assess how well we are delivering the Scouting experience over time
  • Insight for change comes from the end user
  • A Journey to Excellence criteria
  • It's your chance to offer suggestions directly to the national organization and to our local council on how to improve the Scouting program.

Who is Voice of the Scout?

  • Boy Scout and Cub Scout Parents
  • Boy Scouts, Venturers and Cub Scouts (via parents)
  • Youth-facing & Council/District Volunteers
  • Charter Organizations


Q: How ofter will I receive a request to complete a survey?
A: Surveys will be sent out twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall.  One week after the initial email is sent, a reminder notice will be sent out.  

Q: Can we collect survey information on paper?
A: The Voice of the Scout system is dependent on coding in order to display the information on the VOS dashboard. With a database of over 3 million members, this would overtax our resources.  As it is unfeasible and a source of potential data contamination, no manual way to enter in paper surveys has been developed.