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Outdoor Adventure for young cubs & the whole family

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Day-time summer activities and adventures at our camp properties for both Cub Scouts & Non-Members alike, enjoy a fun Day in the outdoors!

Overnight 3-day Summer Camp for Registered Cub Scouts and their families. Adventure during the day and relax by the fire under the stars at night.

Summer isn't the only time to experience outdoor adventure! Scouts & Non-Members both can join us in October for a 1-Day sample tasting of our camping programs!

Want to learn more about how to camp with young scouts? or do you need financial assistance to be able to join our programs?  

Our resources are available to you!

Summer Fun

Summer Resident Camps

Fall Day Camps

Cub Camping Resources

Why camping & outdoors?

Upcoming Cub Camping Events

Outdoor adventure is one of the main methods used in the scouting program. Our Mission is to instill the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law into youth by using fun adventures and activities that make the youth want to learn. 

Cub Scout Camps offer these opportunities in shorter intervals to our youngest scouts, their families, and friends who are interested in our programs. All daytime activities are also open to all youth from the community, Membership NOT required!

Focusing on the fun and adventurous aspects of our program, these activities get scouts ready for the longer, more intense, older youth programs they will participate in from 11-18.

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