Japeechen Rendevous

When Scouts ask about Japeechen 2017, I always wonder what to say. How do you explain a camp where the scouts decide their own program (from blacksmithing to native crafts to flintlock rifles to tomahawks and living in a teepee for a week) and where they can do so much that they can’t do anywhere else? 

This isn’t your normal summer camp. Not by a long yard.

Forget the ranks and merit badges and uniforms and hour-long classes at 9, 10, and 11. Come to Rendy and experience the 1830’s fur trade. You don’t need a schedule; if you want to work the forge for a while, you can. Want to do some shooting? Just ask. Want to build a powder horn, a lantern, or a sheath knife (all from scratch)? Yup, you can do that, too.

It’s a week-long camp for young men who want to try their hands at tasks they’ve never dreamed of, and will likely never get to do again: stick game, flint and steel combustion, knife-making, blacksmithing, double ball, and more. 

Scouts head home from the Rendezvous with a bunch of stuff: hand-made crafts that look darn good…skills they didn’t have a week ago…a flint and steel kit they made themselves (and know how to use!)…a target punched out by 50 caliber flintlock rifle balls in a dang tight group…devices made in the forge by themselves. Don’t forget the memories: gazing out the smoke hole of a teepee, watching the stars wheel over your head. Forging that tool the way you want it. Hitting the tomahawk target exactly where you want to put it…twice.
Think this through. You can stay home struggling to understand the philosophical meaning of the “Sharknado” films, and you can spend hours pondering how Kim Kardashian really feels about Khloe’s haircut. On the other hand, you can have a week that your friends won’t comprehend when you tell ‘em about it.
You won’t believe what you do at Rendy. You’ll never forget it, either.

Medical Forms 

Medical forms are required for all Inland Northwest Council Camp participants ( Adults and Youth) - Click here for medical forms 

The Facts

  • 20 - Number of Scouts who can attend.
  • June 25-July 1 - This year’s schedule
  • 10 - Adult staff at Rendy
  • $275 - Cost of the week. Did you notice? Way cheaper than summer camp!
  • O - Number of times you will think, “This food sucks.”
  • 3 - Merit Badges you can earn (Indian Lore, Rifle, and Metalworking)
  • 20 - Number of years this program has been offered
  • 1 - How many council offer this program (Oh! We do!)
  • 0 - How many classes you have to take
  • 300 or so - Number of cumulative years the staff has been in Scouting
  • 6 - Number of years some Scouts return to Rendy (‘cuz it is that good!)
  • 4 - NRA-trained shooting instructors on staff
  • dozens - Number of times you can try something you have never done
  • 0 - How many times you will think, “I wish I was home watching ‘South Park’.”
  • 3 - Blacksmiths on hand to train you in the secrets of black iron
  • 1 - How many Japeechen patches you will earn in a week.
  • 2 - Nationally-known experts in Native American and Fur Trade regalia
  • 28,582 - How many people wished they had a Japeechen patch on their shirt but they forget to register until it was too late and the opportunity for a life-long memory had passed them by forever…but (luckily) they did catch the “Teen Mom II” finale that week (Can you believe what Naomi did? OMG!)
  • $120 - Amount it will take to feed you at home for a week; you might as well go to Rendy!
  • $0 - How much money you will need to bring to camp for the trading post.
  • 0 - Scout who wished Rendy could be better
  • 1 - The person who has to fill out the application in order to go (That’s you!)