Leadership Breakfast 2022

WHEN: Friday February 4th @ 7:30 am


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Meet our Guest Speaker!
Aaron Linsdau

Aaron is a 1992 Eagle Scout with a “once an Eagle always an Eagle” belief and is very supportive of Scouting.

He is known for the longest solo expedition from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole, his book Antarctic Tears, his winter trek across the Greenland tundra, and his three ski expeditions across Yellowstone National Park in winter.


Aaron worked in the corporate trenches for two decades. He delivered the impossible, often working through the night. Aaron shares how to avoid burnout and being overwhelmed.  Aaron delivers an experience like no other. His stories from Antarctica and the Arctic focus on the audience, providing them with a vision of how to overcome the odds, survive, and thrive.


Motivational Speaker Aaron Linsdau’s presentations will inspire your organization to become tougher than nails, build grit, and achieve the seemingly impossible. He has an energetic, captivating, and motivating speaking style. When you need a top-notch speaker that will generate buzz for your event, Aaron delivers the goods by creating excitement, cheers, and laughter.


Aaron holds the world record for the longest expedition to the South Pole. As the second only American to complete this trek alone, Aaron knows difficulties and relates them to your organization’s challenges.


He teaches concrete inspirational techniques for overcoming impossible odds. Audience members gain a better understanding of themselves, others, and how to thrive as a team. Motivational speaker Aaron Linsdau works with you to deliver the message you need for your organization.


He is a delight to speak to and truly believes that he is who he is today because of Scouting.

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