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Outdoor Adventure for Teens and Young Adults

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Each Summer, the INWC hosts week-long summer camps for scouts and leaders to come and advance in scouting, learn new skills, escape from everyday life and enjoy the great outdoors. 

Several times each year, Scouts from all over the Inland Northwest will gather for a Weekend "Camporee" or  "Klondike" to learn and test skills and experience outdoor adventure!

Scouting is a journey that knows no bounds, for youth looking for bigger, better, louder adventures beyond local opportunities, there are options for high adventure all across the country.

Want to learn more about how to camping with scouts? or do you need financial assistance to be able to join our programs?  

Our resources are available to you!

Scout Summer Camp

Local Camping Events

High Adventure

Camping Resources

Why camping & outdoors?

Outdoor adventure is one of the main methods used in the scouting program. Our Mission is to instill the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law into youth by using fun adventures and activities that make the youth want to learn. 

Scouts BSA Camps offer these opportunities for our scouts aged 11-18. Focusing on hands on, skill-based instruction and high adventure, these activities get scouts ready for the adulthood by teaching team skills, cooperation, grit and perseverance using activities like shooting sports, wilderness survival, trades crafts and more.

Upcoming Scouts BSA camping

Summer Camp

Scouts BSA resident summer camps

Summer camp is what many Scouts BSA members enjoy most. Camp programs provide numerous opportunities for youth to earn merit badges along their advancement trail. Summer camp includes five nights and six days of fun outdoor activities like swimming, boating, shooting sports, survival skills, blacksmithing, zip-lining and more.

The Inland Northwest operates two properties with Scouts BSA Summer Camp Programs, click on a camp to the right to check them out!

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Weekend Camping

Scouts BSA weekend camping events

Every few months volunteers in the Inland Northwest coordinate weekend camping events for scouts from all over to gather and participate in skill development, competition, and fun activities outdoors. Check out our upcoming Scout BSA Camping Events above to see what is coming up soon!


Scout BSA Camping Resources

Outdoor Ethics Guide

"CAMPERSHIP" (Financial Aid) FORM

How to Pack a Backpack

Packing Checklist

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