Officers Association


What is the Venturing Officers Association?

VOA is a group of Venturing youth and their adult Advisors working to provide support and guidance to maintain and grow the Venturing program throughout our council. The VOA is made up of Youth Volunteers who, under the guidance of Advisors, run activities throughout the year to entice Ventures to stick with the program.

Purpose of the VOA

The VOA (Venturing Officers Association) is a group of elected officers working to serve, sustain, and grow Venturing throughout the Inland Northwest Council. They host several events throughout the year to bring Venture crews together through a fun, engaging environment.

How We Accomplish Our Purpose

To accomplish our purpose, we use the mantra “Make Magic” which serves to provide:     

M- Material support/resources
A- Adventure
G- Growth in membership
 I - Interconnectedness between council and crews
C- Community growth and support

For more information contact

the Council Service Center