Camp Cards

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Help your Scouts earn their way to camp! Each Camp Card will sell for $5 to the general public and will have multiple food, service, and grocer store discounts for the customer to use throughout the year. The 2017 Camp Card sale is designed to help youth fund their way to do things all Scouts want to do, GO CAMPING! 

This is a risk free unit sales project where all Scouts can earn their way to camp, Philmont, and other activities or simply support unit program or supply needs. With the $5 Rosauers or Super 1 Foods discount the Camp Card pays for itself! The participating units will keep $2 commission of the sale for each Camp Card sold. The Council will receive $2 for each Camp Card sold plus $1 for card expenses and prizes ($3 total). 

Important Dates to Remember

January/ February - Camp Card promotions at Roundtables and Unit Sales sign-ups begin
March - Camp Card kick-off at Roundtables
March 8th - Camp Card Sale begins!
April Roundtable - Re-distribution & Turn in
May 8th - Camp Card Sale ends
May 8th - Turn in money and unsold Camp Cards
May 15th - Final day to order prizes