Popcorn Sale

Sale period: Coming Soon!

The popcorn sale is a great way for Scouts to gain confidence and practice communication skills while earning funds for all their Scouting adventures!

Why Sell Popcorn?

1. Enhances communication skills
2. Increases confidence level
3. Gives the boys a sense of pride and achievement
4. Promotes leadership skills
5. Boy Scouts will receive credit earning certain Merit Badges  
6. Teaches the boys the importance of earning their way by funding their Ideal Year of Scouting in four weekends
7. And of course, awesome prizes and exclusive invites to parties for successfully participating in the sale!

Different Ways to Sell Popcorn

1. Show and sell: arrange show and sell locations so your Scouts can be seen in front of high visibility storefronts or community gatherings.

2. Show and deliver: go door to door with product in hand to sell.

3. Take order: sell product in advance.

4. Online: ask family, friends and community members to purchase product directly through the online ordering system.

Important Dates to Remember

Coming soon!