Let's Fundraise!

Our Council is committed to helping every scout earn their way to camp.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Marcia Hunt

509.242.8235 | marcia.hunt@scouting.org

Spring Camp Cards

April 8th - May 20th, 2022
extended sale available upon request

The Camp Card fundraiser is a risk-free fundraiser designed to assist Scouts in fundraising for their summer activities while reducing out-of-pocket costs for their families.

Spokane Camp Card Snip.png



Fall Popcorn Sale

August - October, 2022

The Trail's End Popcorn fundraiser is a wonderful opportunity for scouts to raise money together. Online sales let them reach family and friends around the world.

Training Videos

New Kernal Webinar 2022

Returning Kernal Webinar 2022