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Inland Northwest CouncilCampingNorth Idaho High Adventure Program

North Idaho High Aventure Program

Lower Salmon River Snowhole Rapid






Enjoy miles of guided whitewater rafting that flows along wilderness back country - at a great value. The Salmon river provides plenty of action while you navigate through stunning canyons on paddle boats and hike an array of historical Native American sites. These trips specialize in team building efforts so they are ideal for all Scout Troops, Venturing Crews, and Explorer Posts. (A demanding program for those 13 years and older) See for yourself how this activity is a perfect escape with a mix of fun-filled excitement and relaxation.


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2016 Whitewater Session Dates:

Option 1: 4 day Trek

  Lower Salmon July 6-9 Wednesday-Saturday

Lower Salmon July 12-15 Tuesday-Friday

Lower Salmon July 18-21 Monday-Thursday 

Lower Salmon July 22-25 Friday-Monday

Lower Salmon August 3-6 Wednesday-Saturday

           Lower Salmon August 5-8 Friday-Monday

Cost 4 day Trek Lower Salmon

8 people $595, 22 people $570, 25 people $540

Per Person

Option 2: 5 day Trek

Upper Main Salmon July 23-27 Saturday-Wednesday 5 Day 

Cost 10 people $650, 22 people $625, 25 people $600

Per Person

Option 3: 4 day Trek

Upper Main Salmon August 16-19 Tuesday-Friday 4 Day

Cost 10 people $650, 22 people $625, 25 people $600

Per Person

Option 4: 1 day float Lower Salmon Hammer to Pinebar includes Lunch

Thursday, Friday, Saturday July 1 through August 31.

10 passengers, $60 per Person

16 passengers, $50 Per Person

26 passengers, $40 Per Person


Release Forms for the Main and Lower Salmon River

Lower Salmon Release Form and packing list

Main Salmon River Release Form and packing list


Get your Shirts, Shorts, Sweats, Jacket, Dry Bag

All apparel orders are PRE-ORDERS for the High Adventure camp AND WILL NOT BE SHIPPED.

Orders will be fulfilled at check in prior to camp.

Purchase by June 1 and your order will be delivered to you at camp


High Adventure Program Information:


2016 Option 1 High Adventure Reservation Form

2016 Options 2/3 High Adventure Reservation Form

2016 High Adventure Leaders Guide - It is here 

Special Needs Form

BSA Medical Form


2017 Main Salmons Rafting dates
Main 1 6/21/2017 Wed 6/24/2017 Sat 4
Main 2 6/29/2017 Thur 7/1/2017 Mon 5
Main 3 7/7/2017 Fri 7/11/2017 Tue 5
Main 4 7/15/2017 Sat 7/19/2017 Wed 5
Main 5 7/23/2017 Sun 7/27/2017 Thur 5
Main 6 7/31/2017 Mon 8/3/2017 Thur 4
Main 7 8/8/17 Tue 8/11/2017 Fri 4
Main 8 8/16/2017 Wed 8/19/2017 Sat 4


Lower Salmon call for 2017 dates

Participant Requirements

-Must be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America.

-Must be at least 13 years of age on January 1st of the year you are attending.

-Must pass the standard BSA swim test, and be classified as a “swimmer”, prior to arrival at camp.

-Must be in good physical condition.

-Must provide a completed BSA Annual Medical Record, signed by a physician no more than 12 months prior to the trip.

-Must sign the “High Adventure Hold Harmless / Release Agreement”. Participants under the age of 18 must have this form signed by a parent / legal guardian.

Unit Requirements

-Must provide proof of unit insurance.

-Must submit a unit roster with final payment.

-Must submit the “Swim Test Verification Form” at least two weeks prior to the trip.

-Units are responsible for transportation to and from Adventure Idaho 4 day trek Lower Salmon Hammer Creek or Salmon River for the 4 or 5 day Main Salmon river of no return to Salmon, Idaho.  One day rafting trips will start at Hammer Creek overnight camping is available at the putin and take out at Pinebar.

-Must train all adult leaders in Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat, but we highly recommend that all participants have this training.

-Must submit the Adventure Idaho Whitewater Release Form with signatures of all participants and parent signatures of participants under age 18. 



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